Get Ready To Crush It With These Podcasting Strategies

Are you ready to become the next podcasting sensation? Do you dream of millions of adoring fans and lucrative sponsorship deals? Well, buckle up, because I have some podcasting strategies that will have you crushing it in no time.

1. Choose a catchy and memorable name

Your podcast’s name is the first thing people will see, so make it catchy and memorable. Don’t go for something boring like “The Joe Smith Podcast.” Instead, go for something like “The Pod-pocalypse now!” or “The Chronicles of Noodle Arm.” The more ridiculous it sounds, the better. Trust me, it works.

2. Master the art of clickbait

The internet has shown us that people love sensationalist headlines and clickbait. You should use this to your advantage by crafting episode titles that are flawed, misleading, or downright ridiculous. Examples might include “The Secret Government Program to Train Pigeons as Spies” or “Top 10 Ways to Remove a Tattoo with a Cheese Grater”. Hey, whatever it takes to get those clicks, right?

3. Build suspense with cliffhangers

You know what keeps people coming back for more? Cliffhangers. End an episode with a mysterious statement like “You won’t believe what happened next,” or “I have shocking news to reveal.” Of course, the shocking news may just be that you ran out of ice cream and had to go to the grocery store, but your listeners won’t know that until the next episode.

4. Use guests for instant credibility

You may be a podcasting nobody now, but you can become an instant authority by having guests on your show. Just find someone who’s an expert in something (anything), and have them spout off a lot of big words while you nod along and say “Hmm, fascinating.” Your listeners will assume you’re also an expert, because why else would the expert be talking to you?

5. Embrace chaos

Structure and polish are for people who don’t want to be millionaires. Embrace the chaos by having no plan or structure whatsoever. Just start talking and see where it takes you. Maybe you’ll end up discussing the mating habits of sloths for an hour, or maybe you’ll just ramble incoherently until the timer runs out. Hey, anything can happen when there’s no structure!

6. Create a cult following

Who needs millions of fans when you can have a devoted cult following? Encourage your listeners to create a name for themselves (like “Beanies” or “Saucy Sardines”), and use language that makes them feel like they’re part of a secret club. Give them special shout-outs and inside jokes, and they’ll feel like they’re part of something special (even if that special thing is just a ridiculous podcast).

And there you have it – six surefire ways to crush it in the world of podcasting. Just remember that this is all in good fun, and that podcasting success often comes down to a combination of luck and persistence. And if all else fails, just remember that there’s always room for another true-crime podcast. Good luck out there, and may the podcasting gods smile upon you.